Starting fresh

To Blog or not to blog.. that is the question.

There is just not enough time in the day to create, take care of two children and rule the world.. but, I’m gonna try 🙂

My newest creation..





2010….into 2011



So much has changed in this one year. First things first.. I now have a baby boy! He truly makes my heart go pitter patter. He has brought many moments of laughter and tears. He’s a kind old soul that just wants to smile and run! He started walking at 8 months old. But, because I’ve been so busy with Alexander and of course Isabel.. and do not forget Sarah! I’ve not had time to spend time with my lovely beads.. until recently. I’ve recently gotten everything in place to begin again my love, my craft. Let me tell you what I’ve been playing with… Beautiful miyaki seed beads. I’ve been creating French Beaded Flowers.. This is one of my first..

From Vintage Mom Creations.. Little Pink FlowerSo much is coming into my heart and mind now.. I just don't have enough time in the day to create all of my thoughts! But, avid reader.. prepare for an arresting amount of delicious beaded pleasure coming soon.. my heart can't be contained for long!As a side note I thought I'd share my newest photo of Ms. Isabel ( she's the one with down syndrome that many of you have grown to love) she's now 4 years old and a wonderful big sister. One of my best friends Joy created this wonderful piece of digital art for me ( you can find her on the internet by searching "Goddessjoy" she makes WONDERFUL jewelry.. and is an artist I guarentee you will love.. her link is also listed on this page) anyway.. here is my baby girl now.. Isabel~our down syndrome princess!


Isabel~our down syndrome princess!

That’s all for now my friends.. Keep watching for more beautiful creations.. coming from Vintage Mom Creations…

New on My Artfire

Vintagemomcreations Artfire is certainly starting to fill up a bit huh?

Night Sky

Night Sky

Night Sky at Artfire

And an old favorite…
I AM The necklace..




Room Number 5 The Memories

New from Vintagemomcreations!!
A lovely mix of history and present life..
Room Number 5 The necklace gives a taste of romantic memory, the smell of a rose mixed with the crayons of childhood… Room Number 5 -Listed at Artfire!

Room Number 5 The memories

Room Number 5 The memories


If this doesn’t make you smile…

Cutie PieSomething is really wrong!
Here’s some Isabel photos.. from March 2009

Cute huh?

Cute huh?

Well.. it’s been awhile..

It’s been a nice sabbatical. Etsy.. ahhh.. etsy. I’ve closed the shop there for just a little while…

I’ve also found a new place.. that I believe I will enjoy ..
name=Shop&seller_id=15051″>ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I’ll be selling on Artfire..

Just look for Vintagemomcreations!

New Items will be posted soon.. keep an eye on it 🙂

Wanna sneak preview?
Unnamed.. <a target="_blank"

How about a Tuesday smile..

Before I finish all these wonderful orders from around the world…

Bella can always make you smile! Here’s us last year..








And look at her now..










Made you smile huh?

Have a great day.. I’m off to create!!

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