Father’s Day

Can you believe Father’s day is just right around the corner? I can’t. And wow are the boys hard to buy for! My husband believes if you need something ( see want) you just go get it. Therefore.. when holidays come, the kids and I are befuddled on what to get him!

So I think we’ve decided to bake a cake and let the kiddos decorate it. ( yay jen) and then.. I’m having a couple photos framed for him…

Here’s one..

How perfect is that?

Daddy’s Girl.

I remember my own daddy’s girl photo.. ya wanna see?

Me and my daddy..

1978 or so..

Wow.. look at those 70’s hot chic clothes huh?

It’s amazing how the time flys. I lost my father in 1994 and I swear it seems like yesterday we were posing for this photo together.

Remember your daddy’s on father’s day little girls. Time flys…



Wow I’ve been really bad…

I’ve really been slacking on this blog! Things have been just … well busy around here!
Most of you know that my son Travis is going into the military, his leave date has been set for July 1st.


Sarah has turned 13.. and now.. Isabel is within a few days of being two years old. It’s hard to believe they are growing sooo fast.

And she’s 13???


Oh and guess what? I got my number!

 This is me! Vintagemomcreations!


And one more thing? … My newest..



These are .. Lillian..

Come visit the shop for more !



What the heck is going on with wordpress photos not

inserting into posts? Anyone want to tell me ??
I’ve been working on a blog for …oh about a half an hour and I can’t insert the photos into the post!!