Clay, Glass, wood and beads OH MY,
Yes .. today is all about the fun.. I’m working. Don’t call, I’ll not answer.
She is in Charge of the Phone!!!!


Does it get any better than this?

How cute is she?

Feeling this

Many things inspire me in my work.. but this.. Wow. How pretty can it get? My aunt sent this to me from New York and I swear I stare at it sometimes!! lol
Yeah, it’s a rug, but I love it and wanted to share.

An idea is shaping in my mind.

My biggest problem in creating is “seeing” what other’s will love. I know what I love, I know what I will wear and I know what I will be comfortable in.. day to day.. and special occasions.
Recently I have been thinking about :
1. Why am I trying to second guess millons of people? How about sticking with what I know.. and going from there?

Color is a big one for me. I grew up in OHIO for godssake.. and let’s keep it real here.. I live in the North. Tradition states, NO white after labor day.. blah blah blah.
When I lived in Florida I struggled with these things. I wore lots of blacks, browns and burgandy’s in the winter… and lots of white and tan in the summer. ( YUCK) HELLO??? 2007
I’m breakin away.

I am looking at some turquoise.. and some red.. and some black in the mix ( old habits die hard you know)
And I am looking at a vintage fresh green and coral.. And they are TALKING to me. I can feel the pieces forming. It’s coming. Soon.

NOW, that being said.. I have a wonderful friend ( I am bad at adding links.. lol.. please go to her shop.. that is pushing me in my mind..making me brave. I may even attempt some wire wrapping.. with these colors.
( oh lord..could I? Dare I?) We’ll see. I’m pretty bold when I want to be. 🙂
Enough for tonight.. It’s bedtime, We have alot to do tommorow~
Till next time.

Some things about me …

You probably don’t know.
I figured this would be an interesting blog… What is this Renita person all about anyway?
Well, let’s see.
Tidbits about me you don’t know…..
1. I hate to be photographed, but don’t like being missing from the photos. I’m a genealogist for god’s sakes, RECORD ME.
2. I do not photograph well.. see above.
3. I’m an Aries, and therefore HOT under the color fast and then I tend to just let it go and forget. Unless I’m REAL mad and you hurt me.. then I never forget.
4. I am definately a busy person , I don’t let any dust settle before I am working on something else.
5. I lose things. But, I still have them. lol. What I mean is this, I tend to have everything I need in a confined space…. When my mind is done with it for the moment, POOF it’s gone.. and when I need it again, I’ll search for it and find it before long.
6. I’m not the best person in the world to buy a $5000.00 ring for as a gift. ( see above)
7. I have valuable things in boxes in the basement, I know I do. BUT, I couldn’t name them off for you. I have way tooooo many things that are going on NOW for me to remember THAT!
8. Now, reading what you just read.. number 7.~ Know this, I CAN tell you that my grandfather’s grandfather was born in 1822 in virginia and his daughter was born in November 1856 in Kentucky and He was actually married in Scioto county Ohio to a Lavina. SO~ don’t think me foolish minded.. I have a good mind.. but I keep in there what I NEED to remember. ( Genealogy IS A NEED.)

Alright.. Those are my “things about me ” for the day. Maybe more later!

Gem of the day~Turquoise

In the Middle East it is traditional to set turquoise in gold, sometimes with diamonds. The Victorians also greatly admired turquoise, and generally set it in gold as well. In the US, though, turquoise has had a long historical association with silver jewelry.
Long before the arrival of Europeans in North American, the native inhabitants had an appreciation for turquoise, which is still strong today. The significance of this gem for some tribal groups rivals the importance that the ancient Chinese gave to jade. Such was also true in South America and the early Spanish invaders recorded their surprise in finding turquoise to be more highly valued by the native people than was gold.
During the 1960’s and 70’s there was a burst of admiration for turquoise among the US population, especially as found in Native American jewelry. After reaching the heights for a few years, this fad crashed amidst scandals involving imitations and “Indian” jewelry, (even that being sold by some Native Americans,) which was made in Asia.
The popularity of this gem is now once again at stratospheric levels, due to a combination of some well known modern designers favoring the stone and aggressive promotion by home shopping channels and fashion magazines. Although still widely available in traditional silver Southwestern style pieces, more and more designers are emulating the ancient Persians and the Victorians and setting pieces in gold.

Turquoise is actually one of my personal favorites and yet, you must be careful when buying! Turquoise isn’t PURPLE. It looks really pretty purple, but it’s not natural ~it’s dyed. And while it looks cool, I don’t want purple dye on my skin. Therefore, beautiful as it may be~I will avoid it. I won’t sell something that I won’t wear. My dream is to make all of my turquoise jewelry from Sleeping Beauty Turquoise which is actually mined in the Sleeping Beauty Mine near Globe, Arizona. Now, about that color.
I’m not a technical gal.. I don’t know alot about mines and the components and I sure as heck won’t pretend to know something I don’t. Here’s the low down on what I can find.

Turquoise is blue or green. Depending on how much iron or copper meshes with it.That explanation is probably giving you the information a kindergartner would learn… but I do art, I’m not a scientist. I’ll keep it real. The most well known deposits of turquoise are in the USA, Mexico, Israel, Iran, Afghanistan and China.

Well, I hope that tells you a little about this gem. Again, I’m no scientist, but I am learning about the gems.. and I wanted to share it simply.

Turquoise for me in a nut shell.. Is the color of the sky and sea. It carries me away to the smoke from the fires. In it I hear the drums beat and my native language spoken. For my heart, Turquoise is home.
(Photos taken at our local Tribe Meeting July 2007- Top photo is my daughter Sarah posing with our clan mother’s shawl~ She is learning our Fancy Shawl Dance. Bottom photo~I was sitting in to play with the woman’s drum circle. Notice the beautiful mixes of use for Turquoise) ( Also not the greatest photo in the world!)

Ramblings from Renita

Well, It’s morning and because I promised that I would write today I suppose I am.
Isabel and I are on our own today until Adrian gets off work and the world is open. And I’ll be damned if I can decide what to do. Should I go to Estate Sales and look for goodies? Should I just go to the store and get what I need, come home and clean? I really honestly should just go get some more bead organizers and call it a day. ( The beads and gems.. they are taking over! They are in every drawer and every nook and cranny of this house, and more keep coming in the mail from my aunt Deb every day! Oh hell, I need to get her necklace done!!
That’s it, I need to get to work.
OH and JOY, yes, send the darn link or show me how to do it!!! bwwwwwhahahaha. A little torture never hurt the young! ( at least when it’s a preteen!)
Peace and Blessings on this Saturday!
p.s. I’ll add in a cutie pie photo just for flair! ( Isabel and Travis !)

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