Starting fresh

To Blog or not to blog.. that is the question.

There is just not enough time in the day to create, take care of two children and rule the world.. but, I’m gonna try 🙂

My newest creation..





New on My Artfire

Vintagemomcreations Artfire is certainly starting to fill up a bit huh?

Night Sky

Night Sky

Night Sky at Artfire

And an old favorite…
I AM The necklace..




Room Number 5 The Memories

New from Vintagemomcreations!!
A lovely mix of history and present life..
Room Number 5 The necklace gives a taste of romantic memory, the smell of a rose mixed with the crayons of childhood… Room Number 5 -Listed at Artfire!

Room Number 5 The memories

Room Number 5 The memories


If this doesn’t make you smile…

Cutie PieSomething is really wrong!
Here’s some Isabel photos.. from March 2009

Cute huh?

Cute huh?

Well.. it’s been awhile..

It’s been a nice sabbatical. Etsy.. ahhh.. etsy. I’ve closed the shop there for just a little while…

I’ve also found a new place.. that I believe I will enjoy ..
name=Shop&seller_id=15051″>ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I’ll be selling on Artfire..

Just look for Vintagemomcreations!

New Items will be posted soon.. keep an eye on it 🙂

Wanna sneak preview?
Unnamed.. <a target="_blank"

How about a Tuesday smile..

Before I finish all these wonderful orders from around the world…

Bella can always make you smile! Here’s us last year..








And look at her now..










Made you smile huh?

Have a great day.. I’m off to create!!

BLACK FRIDAY~ Christmas is coming.

Custom Mother's Necklace from Vintagemomcreations

Custom Mother's Necklace from Vintagemomcreations

It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed so quickly! It seems like just yesterday I was furiously wrapping gifts and shipping orders and preparing for Santa Claus. But.. here we are again.  Black Friday is on the horizon.

If you are anything like me.. your palms get damp.. your mind is rushing along the lists.. and you are looking for DEALS. Savings. We just don’t have the money this year to be hasty. No junk for us, thanks. We want CUSTOM at a fair price. Handmade with Quality.

I’m here to let you know.. I’m feeling you. And I’m coming up with solutions. I want you to be able to have a wonderful personalized gift for your special someone for an affordable price. I have started marking items at sale prices. I will also be in my studio for the next two weeks upping my stock. So that I can offer you fresh choices, new styles. Quality Custom Jewelry for a fair price.

At this point I have some custom items all ready featured. Dreamer is one of my favorites.

It is one of my hopes that my clients can feel comfortable enough to contact me and let me know what you would like your pendant to say.

Are you a mother? A Maiden? A crone?



If you notice the first photo listed at the top of the page.. This custom mother’s necklace is like no other you have ever seen huh? I wear this one. Those are my kiddos. Now tell me? What do you picture yourself wearing? Your mother? NOW is the time to get those orders in. Those ideas and thoughts flowing. ORDER soon. Christmas is NEXT month folks. I DO have layaway available for large items. ( keeping in mind that I’m not shipping till the item is paid in full.. I think that’s fair don’t you?)
I’m looking forward to this Christmas holiday. ( well, as an artist I am.) I’m looking forward to creating wonderful items that will make you or your family/ friends feel great. In the next week I will be posting gifts for coachs, teachers, friends and family . If you don’t see what you are looking for.. please don’t hesitate to send me an email! OR if you are already on Etsy just send me a convo.

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