How about a Tuesday smile..

Before I finish all these wonderful orders from around the world…

Bella can always make you smile! Here’s us last year..








And look at her now..










Made you smile huh?

Have a great day.. I’m off to create!!



I must share this video with you. As the mother of a beautiful little girl that just so happened to be born with Down Syndrome

My Isabel at Lake Erie

My Isabel at Lake Erie









I’ll Say Congrats to Aledo High School for having one of the MOST Beautiful Homecoming Queens EVER!!

Kristin Pass!! Video follows ….

102nd Circleville Pumpkin Show

The greatest Free Show on Earth!











If you’ve never been to the Circleville Pumpkin Show.. it’s a must see. It’s located in Circleville Ohio.











The grand prize pumpkin this year is over 1300 pounds! Pumpkin Show is fun for the kids.. and truly a feast for the eyes!







We’ve been involved in some way or another as a family forever! Actually.. I have documented photo history of our families involvements for over 80 years!

A tradition we have is the Baby Parade.

travis 1995

travis 1995













Sarah 1995

Sarah 1995













variety of shows

variety of shows












The white “pumpkin” Stroller above was Isabel’s Winning Entry! We won the grand prize during the 100th annual Pumpkin show 🙂

time is flying. 2007

time is flying. 2007























Travis Logan Elm Band

Travis Logan Elm Band







a long time ago it seems…  

Sarah 2004

Sarah 2004

Sarah Cheer 2004

Sarah Cheer 2004

She’s changed so much since then!
Isabel 2007 Pumpkin Show

Isabel 2007 Pumpkin Show

Pumpkin Show’s Great … You see? Just ask Isabel!
Hope to See you there!
P.S. .. at You can see live webcams.. If you are a people watcher it’s a feast for your eyes!
Many blessings,

Something I want you to know…

As a jewelry “artist” sometimes it’s difficult to make your hands keep up with your mind. Many nights are spent with ideas bashing around in my head.. and many mornings like this morning ( up at 5 am.) are spent creating until time flys away, the baby wakes up wanting her breakfast and the phone begins. Sometimes time gets away..

Working on Etsy allows me freedom. It allows me the option of 1. listing today 2. listing tommorow or next week.

The problems ensue when things don’t get listed. When time flys so fast you forget and things get put in MY jewelry box and not yours.

I need for my readers to know this one thing. Vintagemomcreations was formed as an enjoyable venture. I do what I do because I LOVE it. I do this because it allows me to be at home with my children. It allows my creativity to bloom and be fashioned into something really cool sometimes. Now that I’ve moved more into metals with beads added I feel the world around me blooming with ideas. I need you to know that your ideas are important to me. I love to create a special something for another human. Now, as just a normal lady, I understand that sometimes it’s scary to commission an artist for a great piece of jewelry. (* It even sounds expense doesn’t it? That word commission.. ugh.. **shudder**) But honestly, come and talk to me. If I’m making pendant necklaces ( that take hours to create for $28.00~) I’m sure you and I can work out an affordable option for your special “piece” (as we like to call them in the jewelry world.) 

On another note.. let’s talk about Etsy. I sell at Etsy. Etsy is the place that allows me to have my own little piece of the selling world. Here’s the link to my shop..  To purchase from me on Etsy you’ll have to sign up. It’s simple. Just a few lines and you are done. If you have a paypal account set up already it’s SUPER EASY to pay me too. After you sign up for Etsy you can look on the right side of my shop and see a button that says “contact this seller” ( I think that’s what it says…  lol) Send me a note! Tell me what you are looking for and I’ll do my best to help you. ( And if I can’t.. I’ll tell you upfront honestly… I’ll also tell you how long your wait will be.. or not be. It depends on the season really.)

Let me show you some of the things in the shop?



Well, I suppose that’s all I had to say today. I hope you enjoy your Friday,


Father’s Day

Can you believe Father’s day is just right around the corner? I can’t. And wow are the boys hard to buy for! My husband believes if you need something ( see want) you just go get it. Therefore.. when holidays come, the kids and I are befuddled on what to get him!

So I think we’ve decided to bake a cake and let the kiddos decorate it. ( yay jen) and then.. I’m having a couple photos framed for him…

Here’s one..

How perfect is that?

Daddy’s Girl.

I remember my own daddy’s girl photo.. ya wanna see?

Me and my daddy..

1978 or so..

Wow.. look at those 70’s hot chic clothes huh?

It’s amazing how the time flys. I lost my father in 1994 and I swear it seems like yesterday we were posing for this photo together.

Remember your daddy’s on father’s day little girls. Time flys…