Room Number 5 The Memories

New from Vintagemomcreations!!
A lovely mix of history and present life..
Room Number 5 The necklace gives a taste of romantic memory, the smell of a rose mixed with the crayons of childhood… Room Number 5 -Listed at Artfire!

Room Number 5 The memories

Room Number 5 The memories



For the Past Month

Things have been just downright wacky. We had family visiting and we all promptly caught the flu.. and everything else under the sun. The short of it all is that we were just all down for the count. The last 3 weeks is a blur.

BUT, that being said I have found my creative footing again. I went through a stage that was weird. Not bad, just not comfortable. I was wracking my brain trying to decide what to make.. what to MAKE?

And suddenly.. actually slowly.. Thoughts started forming. Designs.. Ideas.. and they are flowing so fast that I have a difficult time deciding what to list on Etsy first.

Here’s the latest.. ( that’s actually listed)





Do you want to know what happened?

I stopped being afraid. Afraid of failing.. afraid of wasting supplies on dumb ideas. ( sterling is expensive!)

I just said.. Let’s Do it!

Whaddya think?