NOW I’m inspired..


Party Signs

A lovely lady named Brooke.. is getting married. Now.. I didn’t know she was asking me to make signs for a wedding.. but, Well.. she was. It’s kinda cool that I was chosen out of all the cool woodworkers on Etsy to make her signs. What do you think?

I’m hitting a wall..

I need some peace so that I can continue to create. It’s not for lack of time.. nor the materials.. it’s the peace of mind. The world has been SO crazy that I have not been able to think let alone create something. Sure I can string some beads.. but do they look like “me?” I have these lovely glass beads made by a WONDERFUL artist.. ( on my page.. dragynfyre) She sent me WONDERFUL lampwork beads as a gift.. they have turquoise and red and black.. OH I love them!!! I started a necklace the other day for myself.. and got distracted.. again and again. Maybe I need to go outside and just breathe..
Take my feathers and just breath.

I have the cutest kids…

I just wanna show them off! Happy Friday Everyone!

Would you like me to display your child?

Alright, I know sometimes my temper gets the best of me when it comes to protecting children. And to be honest, somethings just really hurt my heart. This situation.. just makes me sick. I don’t care how long it’s been… this girl shouldn’t be ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO LOOK AT!!!! SHE DIED.
Read story.. and go look for photos.. it’s just wrong.

Mummy of girl sacrificed by Incans prompts gasps
Story Highlights
“La Doncella” (the Maiden) seen in Argentina for first time since 1999 discovery

She was about 15 when she, two little children, were left to die in the Andes

“Children of Llullaillaco” were sacrificed around 1500 A.D. for corn harvest

Dressed in finery, jewelry, they were given corn alcohol to put them to sleep

SALTA, Argentina (AP) — Museum-goers gasped at the well-preserved mummy of an Inca maiden that is on display for the first time, a serene gaze etched on her face hundreds of years ago when she was sacrificed and froze to death in the Andes.

Hundreds of people packed a museum in Salta, Argentina, to see “la Doncella” — Spanish for “the Maiden” — a 15-year-old girl whose remains were found in 1999 in an icy pit on Llullaillaco volcano, along with a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy.

Scientists believe the so-called Children of Llullaillaco were sacrificed more than 500 years ago in a ceremony marking the annual corn harvest. Dressed in fine clothes and given corn alcohol to put them to sleep, the victims were then left to die at an elevation of 22,080 feet.

“Just this morning we have had more than 700 people come see the exhibit, and we had hundreds yesterday when it opened,” High Mountain Archaeological Museum director Gabriel Miremont said on Thursday.

The mummy is kept in a chamber that pumps chilled air through a low-oxygen atmosphere, simulating the subfreezing conditions where it was found. The other two children are being studied and not on display.

Seated with her legs bent and her arms resting on her stomach, the Maiden’s remains are still adorned with a gray shawl and bone and metal ornaments. Scientists say her face was daubed with red pigment and around her mouth they found flecks of coca leaf, which is chewed by highland Indians to blunt the effects of altitude.

The Children of Llullaillaco were found at the highest elevation ever discovered for sacrificial victims of the former Inca empire, which ran along the Andes from present-day northern Argentina to Peru.

Several Indian groups waged a losing campaign to prevent the remains from going on display, arguing that the mummies should be buried or at least kept from public view.

The exhibit is a “great mistake,” said Miguel Suarez, a representative of the Calchaquies valley tribes in and around Salta.

It’s Saturday!

And the Ohio State Buckeyes are playing the Akron Zips..
umm.. yeah. Wow. ( Let’s hope they don’t act like Michigan and get beat lmao)
How cute is this kid?

My son and his girlfriend…

Are in this video.. Watch it 😉 it made me cry.. I am so proud of him… her too.. but especially him. ( my blood ya know?)