Being Grateful… Are you?

I’ve been thinking.. about being Grateful…

I am.

I’m grateful that my daughter Isabel 

 Doesn’t have the medical problems that most children with Down Syndrome have. She’s healthy and walking and trying to talk. We’ve made it to 21 months. Safely. I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful that my son, age 19, has decided to join the United States Air Force and not the Marine’s. I could actually get down on my knees and cry till I collapse just thinking of my baby in the military.. but at least he’s choosing the Air Force. ( A mother’s denial that everything will be ok.)


I’m grateful that my middle daughter ( age 12) is a good girl. I’m glad we could afford to get her braces on.


Personally I’m grateful that I woke up again and with courage and help from above I have the strength to carry the things I must carry on my shoulders. If my husband we not a great human being I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I’m also grateful that I had 3 hours to myself yesterday.. and I made a really great necklace 🙂


I’m grateful. Are you?


Aren’t these the coolest kiddos ever?

Here’s Isabel telling me.. “NO way mom.. uh eh”


And Ms. Sarah right after her braces and new haircut..


And My Travis.. About to join the United States Air Force..  ( from his college play.. )



OK, so readers, I have made a decision that I think may have come from way tooo MUCH THINKING during our latest “Blizzard”. I’ve decided to have a Blowout sale.

I’ve been adding many new designs weekly and I think it’s time to move out the old and bring on the new. There’s some very cool things on sale…

Come on in .. and browse..

Many Blessings! Renita

For the Past Month

Things have been just downright wacky. We had family visiting and we all promptly caught the flu.. and everything else under the sun. The short of it all is that we were just all down for the count. The last 3 weeks is a blur.

BUT, that being said I have found my creative footing again. I went through a stage that was weird. Not bad, just not comfortable. I was wracking my brain trying to decide what to make.. what to MAKE?

And suddenly.. actually slowly.. Thoughts started forming. Designs.. Ideas.. and they are flowing so fast that I have a difficult time deciding what to list on Etsy first.

Here’s the latest.. ( that’s actually listed)





Do you want to know what happened?

I stopped being afraid. Afraid of failing.. afraid of wasting supplies on dumb ideas. ( sterling is expensive!)

I just said.. Let’s Do it!

Whaddya think?