2010….into 2011



So much has changed in this one year. First things first.. I now have a baby boy! He truly makes my heart go pitter patter. He has brought many moments of laughter and tears. He’s a kind old soul that just wants to smile and run! He started walking at 8 months old. But, because I’ve been so busy with Alexander and of course Isabel.. and do not forget Sarah! I’ve not had time to spend time with my lovely beads.. until recently. I’ve recently gotten everything in place to begin again my love, my craft. Let me tell you what I’ve been playing with… Beautiful miyaki seed beads. I’ve been creating French Beaded Flowers.. This is one of my first..

From Vintage Mom Creations.. Little Pink FlowerSo much is coming into my heart and mind now.. I just don't have enough time in the day to create all of my thoughts! But, avid reader.. prepare for an arresting amount of delicious beaded pleasure coming soon.. my heart can't be contained for long!As a side note I thought I'd share my newest photo of Ms. Isabel ( she's the one with down syndrome that many of you have grown to love) she's now 4 years old and a wonderful big sister. One of my best friends Joy created this wonderful piece of digital art for me ( you can find her on the internet by searching "Goddessjoy" she makes WONDERFUL jewelry.. and is an artist I guarentee you will love.. her link is also listed on this page) anyway.. here is my baby girl now.. Isabel~our down syndrome princess!


Isabel~our down syndrome princess!

That’s all for now my friends.. Keep watching for more beautiful creations.. coming from Vintage Mom Creations…

Thoughts from a morning sunrise..

I find myself thinking about this journey we call life. It’s amazing to me .. As a young child I thought that life was to be lived. Just lived. I didn’t question the heavens about my wedding dress like other little girls. I didn’t follow the latest movie stars or watch alot of television. I was just too busy living.

I thought that’s what you were just supposed to do.. Live. Little did I know that most folks just are not like me. I suppose I’m a little different in that aspect. I would look to the birds and the trees and watch for the leaves to turn their backs to me.. which meant a thunderstorm was coming. Even as a small child, I knew this to be true. I also knew, even as a child that I wasn’t just a little girl. I knew then that I was living a life.

This blog.. is supposed to be my “business” blog. But, again, I tell you, I’m not your normal person. I just think that we should go back to the old ways of doing things a bit. So what if I’m writing this on a computer and not with a quill. Doesn’t that make it more fabulous that I’m willing to share myself with you.. just like back in the day when you could come to my store and have a cup of coffee and saddle your horse outside and you could really know me before you bought a thing from me?

I think it does.

Therefore, today I wanna share my family with you, just a little more.

As most of you know, My son Travis has joined the United States Air Force.

Now, I could sit here all day and tell you about his journey, his accomplishments already but, instead I’ll ask you to look into his eyes.

Look at the future. Look how he is just living his journey.. He’s not afraid to let you see him as he is. He’s not thinking of the days when he will be old and it may be difficult to see. He is just living. Isn’t it wonderful? In this photo below, he is preparing to go and leave for the military.. where for all intents and purposes he could possibly lose his life. And yet, he’s smiling as he gets to his knees and makes himself small so that he can be a shorty too.. He can laugh at the world and smile at the simpleness… Because he’s living. And he’s not ashamed of one damn part of his life. He’s secure. And I’ll have to tell you, As his mother… I am more proud than words that I gave the world this man. This is your Air Force. This is the future. So, when you are worried about the state of the world today.. and you are afraid of what we are to become in the future.. you just come and look at the hope of our future. Go and take a look at the men and women that are signing up to protect us now. They all have this same spark in their eyes. As an American, as a native american, as a mother and a women I have to say that I’m incrediably thankful for the men and women that shine from within. They will live, if not in history books or novels.. they will live forever in their mother’s eyes and I for one plan on telling everyone that will listen.. all about living. Travis would want me to.




God Bless,

Thank you for listening,

Renita… a.k.a. Sweetgrass~Cherokee~Self Representing Jewelry Artist #1688 Vintagemomcreations

Wow I’ve been really bad…

I’ve really been slacking on this blog! Things have been just … well busy around here!
Most of you know that my son Travis is going into the military, his leave date has been set for July 1st.


Sarah has turned 13.. and now.. Isabel is within a few days of being two years old. It’s hard to believe they are growing sooo fast.

And she’s 13???


Oh and guess what? I got my number!

 This is me! Vintagemomcreations!


And one more thing? … My newest..



These are .. Lillian..

Come visit the shop for more !



Introducing Beauty to you.. Featured Afternoon Etsy Shop~BelleBeads

I know I’ve said this a hundred times but I am shocked by the absolutely stunning talent running rampent on Etsy.


Aren’t those beads GORGEOUS???

I am absolutely stunned. I have found a glass treasure!
A mother, a daughter and a granddaughter make up the team of Bellesbeads and I am just flabbergasted at the TALENT these ladies have! Be sure of this, I, as a jewelry maker will be back to this lovely shop!!

Mariannes IRISH MIST Artisan Lampwork Beads SRA


Find them here..

And.. The Description from the shop~

Twists of designer colors engage in waves under crystal clear encasings… loaded with silver accents! This is a beautiful set of larger sized beads to create with 🙂 There are 7 beads in this set. The smallest are about 8mm (spacers), and the largest measures in at about 17mm high. These beads are wound on 1/16″ mandrels. They are paired except for the largest focal.
*Photos are taken in natural light, enlarged to show detail. Colors may vary slightly from one monitor to another.*

 Oh.. But wait.. That’s not all!

Adriannes CANOPY TOPS Artisan Lampwork Bead SET with Unique Tree Focal SRA


Find this treasure here..


And from the description.. 

Beautiful Teal glass over silver make these babies sparkle. They remind me of laying down under the trees and seeing the sun shining thur the leaves when I was a kid. To this day it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. There are 11 round beads in this set ranging 8-13mm in diameter. The tree focal is unflipable and hand shaped (no press used)It measures 16mm wide (hole to hole) and 21mm tall (top to bottom).

*Pictures of actual beads, taken in natural light, enlarged to show detail.*

All are nicely shaped, quality beads, hand made on 1/16″ mandrels.

All of my lampwork beads are individually made by me in my home studio. I use Moretti glass from Italy and MAPP gas for ultimate color. All beads are kiln annealed for strength and durability.

 Last but certainly not least, BelleBeads has more than beads!!

VIEW FROM THE PORCH Artist Silkscreen Print reproduction


This is a reproduction of an original silkscreen print by award-winning artist Carole A. Brender. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7814448

This reproduction measures about 7.25 inches high by 10 inches wide, and is professionally reproduced on 8.5 inch by 11 inch heavyweight archival paper.
All of Carole’s reproductions will arrive signed, and in shrink-wrapped packaging for protection.
Please note colors may appear slightly different from one monitor to another. Also, reproduction colors may be slightly different from an original screen.

 I am in love with this shop.. and I hope you love it too. During this holiday season please support handmade.

Thanks for Reading, Renita~vintagemomcreations