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Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

THIS is fabulous!! I just signed up… and normally I wouldn’t advertise something like this.. but it’s a fast easy way to accept money… and I wanna give it a try. OH and I GOT the $25.00 just for signing up!

An Update.. Vintagemomcreations

I have just been awful about posting at my own darn blog now haven’t I?

I suppose I can cut myself a little slack.. We as a family have had quite a bit going on. Forgive me, reader.

And let me give you a quick update.

I’ve been blessed. ( we are going to talk a little business.. I’ll update about the kids and family soon.. for now.. let’s talk some Vintagemomcreations.)

I was asked by a dear friend of mine for a donation.. Locally we have a festival called Feast of the Flowering Moon. My friend Jessica just happens to be on the committee for the beauty pageant. Or is she in charge? Jeesh.. I need to pay better attention. Anyway.. I am donating a little something for these beautiful ladies. I can’t tell you what’s in the bag.. That would ruin the surprise!! But I can show you the outside 🙂

More Later…

Metalsmithing.. getting started


Ok.. so the practicing begins..



THE HERITAGE COLLECTION~Hometown Original Art Circleville Ohio

Heck yes I’m going to advertise this here!! My Wonderful Husband has amazed me again!!!


My husband, the artist, created this wonderful work of art history.
Drawn on a wonderful piece of wood with a built in frame. This hometown history piece was carefully woodburned. Be sure to look at the detail of this master creation in the photos I have to show.


This piece measures 21 inches tall and 14 inches wide. There will be a limited amount of these created as they are VERY time consuming. Artist will sign and date this piece for you.
Please allow a 2 week creation time before shipping. I will not put a shipping charge on this If you are going to order from outside of Circleville please contact me and I will promptly speak to you concerning shipping to your area.

History of Circleville

Circleville was unique among early American towns, built to conform to a circular prehistoric earthworks. When Pickaway County was formed in 1810 there were no existing settlements that seemed suitable for a county seat. Therefore, a new town was laid out within the ancient’s “circle” on the high bank east of the Scioto River. It’s streets radiated from an octagonal courthouse in the center of the circle.
Two communities existed near Circleville prior to its being laid out as the county seat. Jefferson and Livingston ceased to exist several years after Circleville was designated the seat of government in 1811. When the Ohio Canal reached Circleville, the shape of the town within the circle proved to be a hindrance, and in 1838 a group of enterprising businessmen began to “square the circle”. Over the next 20 years the job was accomplished and all traces of the ancient earthworks disappeared.


This is the Artist rendition of Circleville, Ohio as it appeared in the year 1836.
Original drawing by Mr. G.F. Wittich. ©1919 Edward Wittich ~The woodburning you will recieve will not match Mr. Wittich’s drawing but will be the artists rendition of Circleville in 1836. Please remember each burning will be a little different as these are not factory made.. but done by hand.. One tree and one building at a time.

Wood will be sprayed to protect it from time.

You can find this wonderful art here~


Artist of the Day too.. Personal Favorite.. Goddess Joy

I’m humbled by her.. and she knows.
Welcome to GoddessJoy’s Etsy Shop

find her here..http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=102348

Elemental Bracelet – Water Number One



***Look for the coordinating necklace this weekend***I’ve been in a water mood lately, and it’s coming through in my jewelry. The area of California that I live in has had a very dry 18 months, and it’s starting to get scary! Luckily, the rains kicked in a couple of days ago and hopefully things will balance out.

This simple bracelet was inspired by my thoughts of water and rain. Various shades of blue and green with hints of silver and grey call to the water element around us.

A list of ingredients:
Aquamarine rounds and nuggets – watery blue
Chrysoprase nuggets – pale sea foam green
Cultured freshwater Pearls- silvery blue
Seraphinite barrel – silver green
Amazonite roundells – sea foam blue
African Blue Opal coin – sandy blue
Turquoise Opalite rounds – glowing blue
Chrysocolla roundells – blue and green
Sterling silver spacers, Czech glass roundels, and seed beads finish out the design

All of that in one simple bracelet? Yes! It’s an asymmetrical bracelet that closes with a chunky roundell of Chrysocolla and a loop of seed beads. Worried about the security of it? Don’t be! Just to test it, I wore this bracelet to bed three nights in a row and it didn’t fall off once. Let me tell ya, I toss and turn all night!

This bracelet will fit a 7″ wrist comfortably.

All of my creations are hand made, one of a kind OOAK pieces assembled in my home studio. I use only the finest stringing materials and finishing techniques to ensure that your jewelry will last a lifetime!

About the Artist..

From Joy..
“I’ve been fascinated with the adornments of women around the world. The colors and textures draw me in every time. I believe that every woman is a Goddess and should be able to adorn herself as such!”

“Each and every one of my pieces are one of a kind (ooak). I do not and will not duplicate a piece that has sold. However, I will do sets for weddings or special events! Custom orders are my pleasure. Convo me if you have any questions!

Each piece is created by me in my home studio. I test wear each piece (except for earrings) for an hour or so while I’m at home. I want to make sure that your jewelry is as comfortable as it is beautiful. After wearing, each piece is cleaned and packaged, ready for it’s new home!”

p.s. From Renita..Really folks.. she makes GREAT stuff. I feel better when I wear her jewelry.. and yes I have a fabulous necklace@!!!

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