Great Minds Want to know…

Is it just me or does it feel like the world bounces around on it’s axes now? Each and every day someting happens and I react “What?” “Seriously?”

 The latest bounce happened here…McCain picked Sarah Palin.

She has a son in the military ( just like me) Her name is Sarah ( just like my middle daughter) and she has a child with Down Syndrome ( just like me). Ironic huh?

The only main difference is this.. She could possibly run the United States of America.

My question to you, my readers, is this.. What do YOU think? I will not tell you my party affiliation.. or my opinion at this point. Tell me what you think of all of this? Does she have what it takes?








Does He?

I really look forward to hearing what you have to say… The time is going to fly right up until November.. I hope we have one fabulous debate..


I have some boasting to do..

Everyone that follows my blog knows that my son Travis left for the Air Force BMT.. Well.. to keep things short, he did a fabulous job and ended up being the dorm chief and flight leader. AND he led his flight well.. They graduated as the Honor Flight!! WOOT WOOT.. here’s a few photos…














Here he is leading his men.. HONOR FLIGHT 511






And.. with his girls..

Pretty cool group huh? From left to right..

His sisters Sarah then Isabel, Travis and his girlfriend Kelsey. ( He looks happy surrounded by such beauty doesn’t he?) 🙂