2010….into 2011



So much has changed in this one year. First things first.. I now have a baby boy! He truly makes my heart go pitter patter. He has brought many moments of laughter and tears. He’s a kind old soul that just wants to smile and run! He started walking at 8 months old. But, because I’ve been so busy with Alexander and of course Isabel.. and do not forget Sarah! I’ve not had time to spend time with my lovely beads.. until recently. I’ve recently gotten everything in place to begin again my love, my craft. Let me tell you what I’ve been playing with… Beautiful miyaki seed beads. I’ve been creating French Beaded Flowers.. This is one of my first..

From Vintage Mom Creations.. Little Pink FlowerSo much is coming into my heart and mind now.. I just don't have enough time in the day to create all of my thoughts! But, avid reader.. prepare for an arresting amount of delicious beaded pleasure coming soon.. my heart can't be contained for long!As a side note I thought I'd share my newest photo of Ms. Isabel ( she's the one with down syndrome that many of you have grown to love) she's now 4 years old and a wonderful big sister. One of my best friends Joy created this wonderful piece of digital art for me ( you can find her on the internet by searching "Goddessjoy" she makes WONDERFUL jewelry.. and is an artist I guarentee you will love.. her link is also listed on this page) anyway.. here is my baby girl now.. Isabel~our down syndrome princess!


Isabel~our down syndrome princess!

That’s all for now my friends.. Keep watching for more beautiful creations.. coming from Vintage Mom Creations…

Sometimes you just have to laugh


Where have I been?

I’ll tell you , sometimes when you are a mommy and an artist minded soul ( like me) You just DO NOT want to hang out on the computer. I’d really truly rather be doing something more fun. My latest round of fun has been this.. I made a diaper cake.


What the heck is a diaper cake?.. you might ask…

Well, I started out with a pack of size one diapers and went from there. I rolled them individually with little girl hair ties ( to be used later ) and then slowly went about building a tiered “cake”  The ingredients for my cake?

one.jpg2.jpg Tulle, Pink Roses, about 60 size one pampers, 3 baby blankets, baby wash clothes, a box of wipes, pacifiers.. all kinds of fun stuff hanging off. The ideas are endless.

This ones for “Racheal” She’ll be here soon.

Many Blessings to all,

I’ll try to continue to update you!

Featured Artist of the day.. The Birds and Bees

How cute can it get! I swear I am in love with this little shop.. All you mommies out there.. Get to SHOPPING!!

Introducing The Birds and Bees~

And the Red Footed Booby Bird

Buy it here~http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8587562

I am a 100% wool crochet and felted red-footed booby bird. I get my name because some people, and I emphasize “people”, think I’m a little clumsy on land. I’m very graceful in the water though. I have beautiful red webbed feet and a blue beak. My wings are dark brown and the rest of me sandy brown. I measure around 7 inches (18cm) tall


Adorable huh? I love it! A wonderful item and wonderful seller.

Buy Handmade.. Support Etsy 🙂

She’s calling Daddy because mommy is blogging again.


I don’t usually blog so personally here. This is my business blog ya know? 😉

But this girl.. Whew. This is my daughter Isabel. She’s 18 months old this month and you can always read more about her on the other pages here but, let’s get an update.

We’ve had quite a time over the last year, Isabel and me. Of course a family always have ups and down’s but Isabel.. and Mommy well we have alot on our plate sometimes.

This past year we’ve made some major decisions with her therapy schedule and how we handle life together in general.

You see, Isabel has Down Syndrome.

Which means therapy. So of course at the beginning of her life I had her signed up for every single pt, st, and ot available. ( physical, speech and occupational therapy) We did baby group. We had play dates.

YUCK.  Not yuck.. but double yuck. We were killing ourselves.

A few months ago we said STOP this madness!

I’ll tell you when the iceburg hit the mommy ship.

I was tired. Worn out actually. My aunt had died of breast cancer May 1st. Another Aunt died of COPD in June. It was funeral after funeral.

Isabel was trying to learn to walk. She was cruisin around and having a good time and we were especially pleased with her progress. ( daddy and me and the other kids.. we were actually tickled.) She was 14-15 months old. We were still in the normal walking window right?

So, We go to physical therapy. And.. To make a very long story short.. he suggested a “baby walker”. Not a walker.. like sit the kid in and have fun walker. But a metal .. help the child with the disability walker. I was confused. I have absolutely NOTHING against anything that will help Isabel. But a metal walker?

So I began to question him.. Does she really NEED this? Is this something that she will have for life.. this crutch?? ( again.. some do.. and I in no way am against that. If Isabel NEEDED IT I would be FINE with it.) But… She was trying to walk already!!!

Long story short.. a mini battle ensued.  We as a family wanted Isabel to have a chance to walk on her own two feet. The therapist wanted to SPEED THINGS UP. We wanted her to have her time.

We no longer go into the center for therapy. We are in a ps2 program that I will write about in another blog or page..

Isabel is running now. Without a walker.

Isabel walks alone. 🙂

Don’t give up.

Never give up.

She doesn’t.


Featured Etsy Shop MAHALO

In the past few days I went looking for Etsy items that just beg for attention. My prerequisites for putting a shop into my blog were actually very simple. It has to catch my eye.. and I’m looking for something cute for kiddos.  Here’s one of my new favs~ http://mahalo.etsy.com 

From the shop:

Mahalo is a hawaiian word meaning “thank you”. It is also a blessing, “be in divine breath”.

Now.. Here’s the part I love…

“When you purchase from our site you are also supporting an organization that is near and dear to our hearts, Wing Haven. This is a non-profit that assists women and children who are trying to escape from a life of domestic abuse. Learn more at www.winghaven.org . For this reason a percentage of our profits will go to benefit this organization.”

Does it get any better? Why yes it does!

Here’s one of my favorites 🙂


How stinkin cute is that?? ( coming from a Cherokee Indian woman that means alot!) I swear I wish I had an extra $40.00 to just buy this theatre set right now!!

 Here’s what the ad says for this adorable creation…

“A puppet set for the song One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians. The set would be great for larger groups of kids or for getting ready for thanksgiving. This set of hand puppets does come with all ten children. Their outfits are fringed on the edges – boys on the pants and girls on the dresses. They are approx. 8×10 inches and fit all children and most adult hands.”

Another Set that I love from Mahalo is a Thanksgiving set..


How cute is that??? It would really be great for teachers during the Thanksgiving season ( um.. NOW is good) to be a visual aid during story time.

And last but not least , Again from Mahalo.. The Nativity Set


Adorable! For More wonderful items.. Go and visit them! Support Handmade!!!

again the link  http://mahalo.etsy.com

What do I buy the kids for Christmas NOW??

I , like many mothers out there are in a panic. I mean really! Here we are in November all ready and with all the toy recalls going on, nothing feels safe.

I am lucky that my children aren’t ALL tiny. My son is 19, my middle girl is 12, but my littlest.. is under 2. Herein lies the problem.

She still puts toys into her mouth. She explores toys. So off I went to find the best of the best.. or at least MADE IN AMERICA. ( I’ll apologize to the international community now if anyone is offended, but I am just at a LOSS! ) I’d prefer to buy here at home.

Right in the good ole USA. 

Here’s what I found..  http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/blogs/american/5291


This lists the top ten.. for me.. It’s a start. I’m sure it will be more expensive to buy these. Alot are handmade. Bears from vermont, toys from Ohio.. wouldn’t that be better than your child having in the emergency room though??? Check it out!!


(Photos of Toys From Maple Landmark Woodcraft which is on the top ten-personally I love their things!)

p.s. I found one more… http://toysnotmadeinchina.org

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