2010….into 2011



So much has changed in this one year. First things first.. I now have a baby boy! He truly makes my heart go pitter patter. He has brought many moments of laughter and tears. He’s a kind old soul that just wants to smile and run! He started walking at 8 months old. But, because I’ve been so busy with Alexander and of course Isabel.. and do not forget Sarah! I’ve not had time to spend time with my lovely beads.. until recently. I’ve recently gotten everything in place to begin again my love, my craft. Let me tell you what I’ve been playing with… Beautiful miyaki seed beads. I’ve been creating French Beaded Flowers.. This is one of my first..

From Vintage Mom Creations.. Little Pink FlowerSo much is coming into my heart and mind now.. I just don't have enough time in the day to create all of my thoughts! But, avid reader.. prepare for an arresting amount of delicious beaded pleasure coming soon.. my heart can't be contained for long!As a side note I thought I'd share my newest photo of Ms. Isabel ( she's the one with down syndrome that many of you have grown to love) she's now 4 years old and a wonderful big sister. One of my best friends Joy created this wonderful piece of digital art for me ( you can find her on the internet by searching "Goddessjoy" she makes WONDERFUL jewelry.. and is an artist I guarentee you will love.. her link is also listed on this page) anyway.. here is my baby girl now.. Isabel~our down syndrome princess!


Isabel~our down syndrome princess!

That’s all for now my friends.. Keep watching for more beautiful creations.. coming from Vintage Mom Creations…

This is a smile..

That you will never forget…







She brighten’s the entire world…

And has a happy heart that can see through it all..











God Blessed us with “Down Syndrome”…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We are SO blessed.

New Collection from Vintagemomcreations! Stamped Jewels..

I am so excited about this Collection! I haven’t listed them in the shop yet because I am waiting for suppliers to send my chains ..

I decided not to do the normal “love” “hope” “peace” necklaces and charms ( not yet anyway.) you can buy those just about anywhere. I’ve attempted to create things that I love and enjoy ( and haven’t seen anywhere else!)

All together.. I could just sit with my stamps all day and create.. I LOVE these! Thank God for Goddessjoy! I think she saved my creativity.







One of my favorites..


lol.. I bet Peggy and Aileen are going to be chatting about these for a long time! ( I created these.. thinking about you.. My friends on Airforce Mom’s and Dad’s.. lol. Here’s another..


<<<– That ones for my baby!

I hope someone else loves these as much as I do!

For those of you that I haven’t talked to for awhile, My son Travis is being sent to the middle east. Incirlik, Turkey to be exact. It’s not been easy on me. I really have struggled with the fact that he’s going to be SO far away. But, sometimes mom’s don’t have the option of saying NO. Someone has to protect our country.. and I am incrediably proud that my son is doing it.

I’m one Proud Mama!

Great Minds Want to know…

Is it just me or does it feel like the world bounces around on it’s axes now? Each and every day someting happens and I react “What?” “Seriously?”

 The latest bounce happened here…McCain picked Sarah Palin.

She has a son in the military ( just like me) Her name is Sarah ( just like my middle daughter) and she has a child with Down Syndrome ( just like me). Ironic huh?

The only main difference is this.. She could possibly run the United States of America.

My question to you, my readers, is this.. What do YOU think? I will not tell you my party affiliation.. or my opinion at this point. Tell me what you think of all of this? Does she have what it takes?








Does He?

I really look forward to hearing what you have to say… The time is going to fly right up until November.. I hope we have one fabulous debate..

Where have I been?

I’ll tell you , sometimes when you are a mommy and an artist minded soul ( like me) You just DO NOT want to hang out on the computer. I’d really truly rather be doing something more fun. My latest round of fun has been this.. I made a diaper cake.


What the heck is a diaper cake?.. you might ask…

Well, I started out with a pack of size one diapers and went from there. I rolled them individually with little girl hair ties ( to be used later ) and then slowly went about building a tiered “cake”  The ingredients for my cake?

one.jpg2.jpg Tulle, Pink Roses, about 60 size one pampers, 3 baby blankets, baby wash clothes, a box of wipes, pacifiers.. all kinds of fun stuff hanging off. The ideas are endless.

This ones for “Racheal” She’ll be here soon.

Many Blessings to all,

I’ll try to continue to update you!

Featured Artist of the day.. The Birds and Bees

How cute can it get! I swear I am in love with this little shop.. All you mommies out there.. Get to SHOPPING!!

Introducing The Birds and Bees~

And the Red Footed Booby Bird

Buy it here~http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8587562

I am a 100% wool crochet and felted red-footed booby bird. I get my name because some people, and I emphasize “people”, think I’m a little clumsy on land. I’m very graceful in the water though. I have beautiful red webbed feet and a blue beak. My wings are dark brown and the rest of me sandy brown. I measure around 7 inches (18cm) tall


Adorable huh? I love it! A wonderful item and wonderful seller.

Buy Handmade.. Support Etsy 🙂

What should I buy everyone for CHRISTMAS???

Hang around.. I’ll help you! Let me tell you about this magical place.. the magical land of Etsy.

Etsy isn’t just a bunch of women just hanging out and sticking junk in their shops for the latest auction. Etsy is truly the land of wonderfully talented artisians. I’m amazed each and everyday when I look around and see the FRESHEST items!
Sometimes I’ll see something that catches me totally off guard and makes me just laugh right out loud. Folks, there’s talent at Etsy and creativity that is totally unbeaten. Look at this from Rachealanilyse.. (I burst out laughing when I read the description!)


( ok.. now look at the photo..and the little gingerbread faces and read on.. )

from the description:

“Oh, the holidays. Hot cup of cocoa, a plate of cookies. But look out! The gingerbreads are being eaten!!! The shock! The horror! The praying for mercy! The missing limbs!”

The Stats:
• Set of 5 cards and envelopes from my original illustration
• Each card is made from white Strathmore textured paper, blank inside
• Cards measure 5×7 inches
• Envelopes have small red and green ornamental design printed on the back
• The edge of each card is deckled (I also have an assortment that aren’t deckled)

 see what I mean? Not only beautiful cards.. but they made my day. I smiled, I laughed!!

Get them right here! ( you have to look at this shop!!)



And then I was looking for something else that was functional, something for the babies of the family. ( or maybe even something that makes mommies life easier) And look at this.. Have you ever heard of Diaper Dust?? Again.. The creativity in names and product amazes me!


From Sweet Beans
Diaper dust Rosie Rose


again from the description…

“This elegantly simple diaper rash remedy will amaze you with its power. Sprinkle Sweet Bean’s Diaper Dust on that heartbreaking rash, and watch it disappear in short order! Sweet Bean’s is a traditional home remedy trusted by mothers for generations for safe and effective healing.

Sweet Bean’s Diaper Dust comes packaged in a charming miniature “flour sack,” constructed from calico in “Rosie Rose.” The look is retro and sweet!”

I’ll tell you , come on over to etsy and just spend a few hours. ( guarentee if you come.. you’ll stay and never leave!) You are darn sure to find something that will make all of your gift giving much much easier!
Blessings from Vintagemomcreations,

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