For my Baby…

My littlest Angel.. This one’s for you Bella!

Available at:
My daughter Sarah holding my youngest.. Isabel

Pictured: My daughter Sarah holding my youngest.. Isabel


This is a smile..

That you will never forget…







She brighten’s the entire world…

And has a happy heart that can see through it all..











God Blessed us with “Down Syndrome”…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We are SO blessed.

” I AM” The necklace

I am. I am many things to many people. This I know to be true.
I am FEARLESS. ( well most of the time.)

I’ve created this one of a kind necklace to show the world what “I am”. Each circle is steel. ( like my backbone.. made of steel!) Each letter is hand stamped by me and buffed to a soft shine. The circles are very strong and do not bend during normal use.


“I am” is completely personalized. If you prefer you can have other words in place of the three listed.
Some examples:
The ideas are endless.

The larger circle will have the name of your choice hand stamped.
The three remaining circles are all variable. If no other words are listed when order is placed it will automatically come with “STRONG, FEARLESS AND BRAVE”

Each “I AM” necklace is hung from an oxidized brass ball chain that can be sized to 16″ 18″ 20″ or 24″. If you prefer another style or metal.. please do not hesitate to contact me. We have other options.

During the ordering process I will need..

1. Name that you would like stamped into larger circle
2. three words you want on the smaller circles.
3. Necklace size

Thank you so much for your interest in my jewelry.. It’s appriciated more than you know. This is my lifeline right now. It’s my happiness and I am honored to be able to share it with you.

Please note at this time shipping on personalized items is normally less than one week. I will send you a “convo” on Etsy if I am getting a little behind.

You can find it here.. by clicking this link…

New Collection from Vintagemomcreations! Stamped Jewels..

I am so excited about this Collection! I haven’t listed them in the shop yet because I am waiting for suppliers to send my chains ..

I decided not to do the normal “love” “hope” “peace” necklaces and charms ( not yet anyway.) you can buy those just about anywhere. I’ve attempted to create things that I love and enjoy ( and haven’t seen anywhere else!)

All together.. I could just sit with my stamps all day and create.. I LOVE these! Thank God for Goddessjoy! I think she saved my creativity.







One of my favorites..


lol.. I bet Peggy and Aileen are going to be chatting about these for a long time! ( I created these.. thinking about you.. My friends on Airforce Mom’s and Dad’s.. lol. Here’s another..


<<<– That ones for my baby!

I hope someone else loves these as much as I do!

For those of you that I haven’t talked to for awhile, My son Travis is being sent to the middle east. Incirlik, Turkey to be exact. It’s not been easy on me. I really have struggled with the fact that he’s going to be SO far away. But, sometimes mom’s don’t have the option of saying NO. Someone has to protect our country.. and I am incrediably proud that my son is doing it.

I’m one Proud Mama!

Fall collection.. or the beginnning of it!

Mexican Nights and Vintage Bohemia..


This is what happens when I finally allow myself a little time to sit down 🙂 and I have to say it felt really really good! Mexican Nights is a simple piece really.. it’s all about color and sterling silver. ( my personal favorite) Vintage Bohemia comes from a lovely little antique store I visited awhile back ( well, the metal connectors lived there for awhile) I saved her and added some great gemstone cut rectangles.. and wham.. a new/old fall cuff.

You can find both of these bracelets in my shop..

Have a great Monday!