Thoughts from a morning sunrise..

I find myself thinking about this journey we call life. It’s amazing to me .. As a young child I thought that life was to be lived. Just lived. I didn’t question the heavens about my wedding dress like other little girls. I didn’t follow the latest movie stars or watch alot of television. I was just too busy living.

I thought that’s what you were just supposed to do.. Live. Little did I know that most folks just are not like me. I suppose I’m a little different in that aspect. I would look to the birds and the trees and watch for the leaves to turn their backs to me.. which meant a thunderstorm was coming. Even as a small child, I knew this to be true. I also knew, even as a child that I wasn’t just a little girl. I knew then that I was living a life.

This blog.. is supposed to be my “business” blog. But, again, I tell you, I’m not your normal person. I just think that we should go back to the old ways of doing things a bit. So what if I’m writing this on a computer and not with a quill. Doesn’t that make it more fabulous that I’m willing to share myself with you.. just like back in the day when you could come to my store and have a cup of coffee and saddle your horse outside and you could really know me before you bought a thing from me?

I think it does.

Therefore, today I wanna share my family with you, just a little more.

As most of you know, My son Travis has joined the United States Air Force.

Now, I could sit here all day and tell you about his journey, his accomplishments already but, instead I’ll ask you to look into his eyes.

Look at the future. Look how he is just living his journey.. He’s not afraid to let you see him as he is. He’s not thinking of the days when he will be old and it may be difficult to see. He is just living. Isn’t it wonderful? In this photo below, he is preparing to go and leave for the military.. where for all intents and purposes he could possibly lose his life. And yet, he’s smiling as he gets to his knees and makes himself small so that he can be a shorty too.. He can laugh at the world and smile at the simpleness… Because he’s living. And he’s not ashamed of one damn part of his life. He’s secure. And I’ll have to tell you, As his mother… I am more proud than words that I gave the world this man. This is your Air Force. This is the future. So, when you are worried about the state of the world today.. and you are afraid of what we are to become in the future.. you just come and look at the hope of our future. Go and take a look at the men and women that are signing up to protect us now. They all have this same spark in their eyes. As an American, as a native american, as a mother and a women I have to say that I’m incrediably thankful for the men and women that shine from within. They will live, if not in history books or novels.. they will live forever in their mother’s eyes and I for one plan on telling everyone that will listen.. all about living. Travis would want me to.




God Bless,

Thank you for listening,

Renita… a.k.a. Sweetgrass~Cherokee~Self Representing Jewelry Artist #1688 Vintagemomcreations


Featured Artist of the day.. The Birds and Bees

How cute can it get! I swear I am in love with this little shop.. All you mommies out there.. Get to SHOPPING!!

Introducing The Birds and Bees~

And the Red Footed Booby Bird

Buy it here~

I am a 100% wool crochet and felted red-footed booby bird. I get my name because some people, and I emphasize “people”, think I’m a little clumsy on land. I’m very graceful in the water though. I have beautiful red webbed feet and a blue beak. My wings are dark brown and the rest of me sandy brown. I measure around 7 inches (18cm) tall


Adorable huh? I love it! A wonderful item and wonderful seller.

Buy Handmade.. Support Etsy 🙂

Gulf Water Prism

I am normally very strict on myself in my creations.. I stick with normal usually.. even though my thoughts are not considered mainstream here in my neck of the woods. 

Let me just cut to the chase… What do you think?


Pretty colors huh?? I think I’m in love. Now, that being said.. I don’t wear cuffs usually .. and that’s what this is.

It’s completely without metal..I looked into my beads and dumped a bunch of them onto my beading tray and just starting sewing. It has glass and acrylics and some really old beads and is made with a button closure..


It was sewn with monofilement.. and the vintage button is one of about a thousand I have in a container just waiting for fun. I think.. I really think that this .. this is me. I really love it. All comments are welcome.. and very much appriciated. I love to hear what you think. Here’s a couple more photos…



This cuff measures about 7 and a half when buttoned. It’s named Gulf Water Prism for a very special someone that ( while sounding very far away) said the button looks like the water.. the water from the Gulf. 🙂

Featured Etsy Shop MAHALO

In the past few days I went looking for Etsy items that just beg for attention. My prerequisites for putting a shop into my blog were actually very simple. It has to catch my eye.. and I’m looking for something cute for kiddos.  Here’s one of my new favs~ 

From the shop:

Mahalo is a hawaiian word meaning “thank you”. It is also a blessing, “be in divine breath”.

Now.. Here’s the part I love…

“When you purchase from our site you are also supporting an organization that is near and dear to our hearts, Wing Haven. This is a non-profit that assists women and children who are trying to escape from a life of domestic abuse. Learn more at . For this reason a percentage of our profits will go to benefit this organization.”

Does it get any better? Why yes it does!

Here’s one of my favorites 🙂


How stinkin cute is that?? ( coming from a Cherokee Indian woman that means alot!) I swear I wish I had an extra $40.00 to just buy this theatre set right now!!

 Here’s what the ad says for this adorable creation…

“A puppet set for the song One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians. The set would be great for larger groups of kids or for getting ready for thanksgiving. This set of hand puppets does come with all ten children. Their outfits are fringed on the edges – boys on the pants and girls on the dresses. They are approx. 8×10 inches and fit all children and most adult hands.”

Another Set that I love from Mahalo is a Thanksgiving set..


How cute is that??? It would really be great for teachers during the Thanksgiving season ( um.. NOW is good) to be a visual aid during story time.

And last but not least , Again from Mahalo.. The Nativity Set


Adorable! For More wonderful items.. Go and visit them! Support Handmade!!!

again the link