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Some of you have asked about me. What’s Renita really like?
Just a mom? Only a wife? A stay at home mom? A Cherokee? Only another Artist?
Well, I thought I’d take a moment this morning and give just a tiny bit more information about exactly who you are dealing with when you and I are conversing over your special order.
If you look to the 1st photo you’ll see my Uncle Ken and me.  That day, we were searching for tangible genealogical proof. Yes, we are the “searchers for truth”. We are a pair, my uncle and I. As a matter of fact.. each morning we have a debate regarding the world in general… sometimes it gets pretty heated. We battle over presidential candidates and their schemes. We battle over what’s right and wrong. We talk. We think. It’s amazing don’t you think? We still love and respect each other too! He’s a huge part of me that I think you, my clients, should know about. He keeps me grounded most of the time.  AND, we have a blast finding our heritage together. The truth. We will find it even if it’s never been found.
This is my husband Adrian and youngest daughter Isabel..
Adrian and Isabel

Adrian and Isabel

Adrian is a wonderful father and husband and artist. I could go on for days about this man but, I won’t. I would embarrass him to no end. Bella, well.. Bella of course brought us the World of Down Syndrome. I imagine sometimes her up in Heaven talking to God. ” God, send me somewhere interesting will you?” And god saying.. ” well.. whew.. hold on, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.”
And last but not least..Look at this photo below..  Aren’t they the greatest looking kids ever??? If I ever have a moment of ” Good lord will this day never end.. I always think of these “kids” Each one person in this photo is without a doubt going to make a difference on this planet earth. I couldn’t be prouder.
from left..Sarah, Isabel, Travis and wonderful girlfriend Kelsey

from left..Sarah, Isabel, Travis and wonderful girlfriend Kelsey

My sarah  is most certainly the next greatest artist. Isabel, well she’s rockin the world with personality right now. Airman 1st Class Travis has taken over the job of “MY hero” and Kelsey, I’ve adopted in. Kelsey, with the great mind and imagination.
These four humans.. whew… Look out world!
So there you have it. My little life. Or at least a small part of it. I have photos I want to show you of my lovely Aunt Debbie. My mother who keeps hanging on no matter what. My friends that are certainly like extended family. I have been blessed with more love in this one lifetime than most ever get. I’m honored to be close to the people I’ve just showed you. And you know what’s funny? MOST of the people in this listing won’t ever see it. They are busy living life to the fullest.
And I wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why I love them.
Now, I suppose I SHOULD get back to work. YOU might be waiting on your order…
I’m going….
Me and Isabel.. It seems SO long ago...

Me and Isabel.. It seems SO long ago...

Well… in a minute I’m going. Right now, I think I’m going to give this baby a hug. Time flies quickly as we live with no tethers.
Can I say just one last thing? This blog today happened when I was having a moment of “rush” do this.. do that.. hurry hurry hurry.. and I was watching the stock market crumble then repair and ..
sigh, you get the picture.
The whole reason I sat down was to remind myself what’s important to me.
My family is important to me. My business is important to me. YOU, my reader are important to me. And I think with the state of the world today we need to reach out to each other and share with comfort the fact that we are all part of this one world. Now, everybody.. take a deep breath and remember what’s important to you.
Many Blessings,
Renita a.k.a. Sweetgrass a.k.a Vintagemomcreations a.k.a. Self Representing Jewelry Artist #1688

Fall collection.. or the beginnning of it!

Mexican Nights and Vintage Bohemia..


This is what happens when I finally allow myself a little time to sit down 🙂 and I have to say it felt really really good! Mexican Nights is a simple piece really.. it’s all about color and sterling silver. ( my personal favorite) Vintage Bohemia comes from a lovely little antique store I visited awhile back ( well, the metal connectors lived there for awhile) I saved her and added some great gemstone cut rectangles.. and wham.. a new/old fall cuff.

You can find both of these bracelets in my shop.. http://www.vintagemomcreations.etsy.com

Have a great Monday!

Artist of the Day too.. Personal Favorite.. Goddess Joy

I’m humbled by her.. and she knows.
Welcome to GoddessJoy’s Etsy Shop

find her here..http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=102348

Elemental Bracelet – Water Number One



***Look for the coordinating necklace this weekend***I’ve been in a water mood lately, and it’s coming through in my jewelry. The area of California that I live in has had a very dry 18 months, and it’s starting to get scary! Luckily, the rains kicked in a couple of days ago and hopefully things will balance out.

This simple bracelet was inspired by my thoughts of water and rain. Various shades of blue and green with hints of silver and grey call to the water element around us.

A list of ingredients:
Aquamarine rounds and nuggets – watery blue
Chrysoprase nuggets – pale sea foam green
Cultured freshwater Pearls- silvery blue
Seraphinite barrel – silver green
Amazonite roundells – sea foam blue
African Blue Opal coin – sandy blue
Turquoise Opalite rounds – glowing blue
Chrysocolla roundells – blue and green
Sterling silver spacers, Czech glass roundels, and seed beads finish out the design

All of that in one simple bracelet? Yes! It’s an asymmetrical bracelet that closes with a chunky roundell of Chrysocolla and a loop of seed beads. Worried about the security of it? Don’t be! Just to test it, I wore this bracelet to bed three nights in a row and it didn’t fall off once. Let me tell ya, I toss and turn all night!

This bracelet will fit a 7″ wrist comfortably.

All of my creations are hand made, one of a kind OOAK pieces assembled in my home studio. I use only the finest stringing materials and finishing techniques to ensure that your jewelry will last a lifetime!

About the Artist..

From Joy..
“I’ve been fascinated with the adornments of women around the world. The colors and textures draw me in every time. I believe that every woman is a Goddess and should be able to adorn herself as such!”

“Each and every one of my pieces are one of a kind (ooak). I do not and will not duplicate a piece that has sold. However, I will do sets for weddings or special events! Custom orders are my pleasure. Convo me if you have any questions!

Each piece is created by me in my home studio. I test wear each piece (except for earrings) for an hour or so while I’m at home. I want to make sure that your jewelry is as comfortable as it is beautiful. After wearing, each piece is cleaned and packaged, ready for it’s new home!”

p.s. From Renita..Really folks.. she makes GREAT stuff. I feel better when I wear her jewelry.. and yes I have a fabulous necklace@!!!

Artist of the Day.. Lanningslee

Adorable, classy, fabulous workmanship. Those are some of the words I would use for Lanningslee. When I first started selling on Etsy I bought one of these and I’d like to highly recommend her to you!


From the description…


If you would like a custom made wallet for your Etsy business cards, please convo or email me at kanona@gmail.com for a one or two-day turnaround!

This is a business card size wallet/case personalized with Etsy.com on the front and your ETSY shop name on the back. It’s made for business cards but just happens to be the perfect size for lots of other things too! Holds at least 25 business cards, a few gift cards, emergency pantiliners, folded tissues or TP, a small mirror, your keys, lipstick, candy, cash/credit card & driver’s license, tea bags and/or Splenda packets for those times you’re in a restaurant and they don’t have your favorite tea or Splenda, and just about anything else you can think of that you don’t want to get lost in the bottom of your purse!

This handy little holder measures 4.5″ X 2.5″ when snapped closed. Very sturdy construction and completely washable, it is made on my embroidery machine and has nice satin stitching all the way around. I used one fabric and contrasting satin stitching on this one. I am happy to use two fabrics and matching satin stitching if you like. I have lots of fabrics to choose from if you want something special, just holler. Otherwise, this listing is for the item pictured with your shop name, of course.

If no names or phrases are specified by purchaser, this item will be embroidered with “Etsy.com” on the front and “I ‘heart’ Etsy” on the back.

Buy it here  http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6578531

A little about the seller..

A little about me: I live in a log home in a rural town not far from Seattle, WA with my husband and our cat, Rosie. I have two grown sons nearby. I never really considered myself an artistic person, but somehow I manage to spend most of my time in my “hobby” room creating embroidery-related items. I’ve also taken up beading and button making.

I inherited my obsession with handcrafting from my mother’s side of the family, who did most everything by hand…I started out that way, but now do all of my embroidery and sewing/quilting by machine. My husband doesn’t really understand how I can spend so much time in my hobby room, but he fully supports me and appreciates the things I make.

Now I’m not trying to make a living here, but I would like to try to make a little money to help support my hobby and take some of the burden off of my hubby. At the same time my goal is to try and make others happy with something they wanted but might not otherwise have found anywhere else. I am also able to do custom work. If you have something in mind, please let me know & we can go from there.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world! Have fun looking in my shop and other shops on Etsy!

find her here  http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=76848

The Artist hidden inside your mom…Featured Artist FireTickChick

When we are children we take advantage of our moms. It’s just a fact. We just think of mom as a little weird.. a person that cooks for us and cleans for us and loves us unconditionally.

Well I’m here to tell you , WE are more you little mommies monsters! We are.  Here.. take a look!

Today my featured artist is Firetickchick…


She can Make YOUR Big Girl Bike out of Glass!

And.. look at this..


I love it!! And it’s fresh and it’s glass and HOW MANY OF YOU CAN DO THAT?? 😉

 FireChickTick Original Design – Fused Art Glass Pendant – Peppermint Stick Cluster Pendant

It looks good enough to EAT! A peppermint stick fused glass charm with white glass, topped with red stripes…drilled and wire wrapped, and ornamented with swarovski crystal, glass cat’s eye beads, and red and green seed beads…all securely, neatly wire wrapped.  

About the Artist..
Hi, I’m Karen, I’m a married mom with a bundle of children. I’m a stay at home mom, a glass artist, a firefighter, and EMT, and a proud parent of an autistic son.

All of my work is handmade in my in studio, in my “free time” hahaha. 🙂

I have always had a fascination with glass, thank you to my dear grandmother, who is a gifted stained glass artist. Thanks, GG! When I was a tiny little girl, My GG would allow me to mess around with her glass and her tools, and show me all of the wonderous and fascinating things about glass. She pointed out beautiful things that other people would never notice, always. A flower in her garden, a funky antique china cup, an old jar.

**My GG passed away on January 8th, 2007. I am going to miss her so dearly, and I’ll always be so grateful to her for changing my life, and for making me notice beautiful and unusual things. I
wouldn’t be me, if it weren’t for her. I dedicate all of my art to my beautiful May. *kiss*

I hope you adore the things I make.


Visit Karen at http://www.firetickchick.etsy.com  and her blog! at http://firechicktick.blogspot.com

As I always say folks.. if you haven’t been to Etsy.. you have to come. http://www.etsy.com 

Fresh Artists, great prices..

Many Blessings and thanks for reading yet again~

Renita~ http://www.vintagemomcreations.etsy.com