She’s calling Daddy because mommy is blogging again.


I don’t usually blog so personally here. This is my business blog ya know? 😉

But this girl.. Whew. This is my daughter Isabel. She’s 18 months old this month and you can always read more about her on the other pages here but, let’s get an update.

We’ve had quite a time over the last year, Isabel and me. Of course a family always have ups and down’s but Isabel.. and Mommy well we have alot on our plate sometimes.

This past year we’ve made some major decisions with her therapy schedule and how we handle life together in general.

You see, Isabel has Down Syndrome.

Which means therapy. So of course at the beginning of her life I had her signed up for every single pt, st, and ot available. ( physical, speech and occupational therapy) We did baby group. We had play dates.

YUCK.  Not yuck.. but double yuck. We were killing ourselves.

A few months ago we said STOP this madness!

I’ll tell you when the iceburg hit the mommy ship.

I was tired. Worn out actually. My aunt had died of breast cancer May 1st. Another Aunt died of COPD in June. It was funeral after funeral.

Isabel was trying to learn to walk. She was cruisin around and having a good time and we were especially pleased with her progress. ( daddy and me and the other kids.. we were actually tickled.) She was 14-15 months old. We were still in the normal walking window right?

So, We go to physical therapy. And.. To make a very long story short.. he suggested a “baby walker”. Not a walker.. like sit the kid in and have fun walker. But a metal .. help the child with the disability walker. I was confused. I have absolutely NOTHING against anything that will help Isabel. But a metal walker?

So I began to question him.. Does she really NEED this? Is this something that she will have for life.. this crutch?? ( again.. some do.. and I in no way am against that. If Isabel NEEDED IT I would be FINE with it.) But… She was trying to walk already!!!

Long story short.. a mini battle ensued.  We as a family wanted Isabel to have a chance to walk on her own two feet. The therapist wanted to SPEED THINGS UP. We wanted her to have her time.

We no longer go into the center for therapy. We are in a ps2 program that I will write about in another blog or page..

Isabel is running now. Without a walker.

Isabel walks alone. 🙂

Don’t give up.

Never give up.

She doesn’t.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bruisinraincloud
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 07:38:06

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your loved ones, and feel encouraged that your doing a great job as a Mom. My youngest daughter has PDDD & they (meaning the dr’s) tried to ‘convince’ me when she was a wee one that she had autism, she is 13 now. If not for better dr’s I carried her to, and not giving into much pressure of putting her on meds that obviously she didn’t need (when looking back) there’s no telling what would be happening to her now.

    keep listening to that Momma’s heart. Don’t let people tell you differently.

    God bless, and that baby is darling!


  2. Natalia
    Dec 17, 2007 @ 08:31:07

    My God That last picture is the cuttest! I love her name aswell! Many blessings you way!


  3. Joy
    Dec 19, 2007 @ 02:48:24

    This is EXACTLY what i needed to see while i sit here being frustrated with my own healing process. Once again, Isabel inspires me.

    Thank you Isabel!

    Oh, BTW Isabel, your mommy rocks too!


  4. lovingthepines
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 22:33:21

    Your daughter is adorable. When my son was a toddler, I had several friends who went through the same experience as you, with “the walker”….Sounds like you made the right decision for Isabel as far as her PT. My son Jackson (has DS) did not walk as early as your daughter, but I do remember that PT was the first therapy we dropped. However, I would encourage you to KEEP OT and Speech as long as possible. If you do not like your therapists, get new ones until you are happy. Fine motor skills are so important, my son is now 9, in the 3rd grade and he still struggles with finger strength and writing. And speech, well ,I sure miss getting home therapy as we had in Arizona. In California he only gets speech at school, that is a sad situation as he started talking later, and it took longer for speech to develop than my older son. Try to hang in there! I promise it is worth it.

    Another Mom, Lori


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