The Artist hidden inside your mom…Featured Artist FireTickChick

When we are children we take advantage of our moms. It’s just a fact. We just think of mom as a little weird.. a person that cooks for us and cleans for us and loves us unconditionally.

Well I’m here to tell you , WE are more you little mommies monsters! We are.  Here.. take a look!

Today my featured artist is Firetickchick…


She can Make YOUR Big Girl Bike out of Glass!

And.. look at this..


I love it!! And it’s fresh and it’s glass and HOW MANY OF YOU CAN DO THAT?? 😉

 FireChickTick Original Design – Fused Art Glass Pendant – Peppermint Stick Cluster Pendant

It looks good enough to EAT! A peppermint stick fused glass charm with white glass, topped with red stripes…drilled and wire wrapped, and ornamented with swarovski crystal, glass cat’s eye beads, and red and green seed beads…all securely, neatly wire wrapped.  

About the Artist..
Hi, I’m Karen, I’m a married mom with a bundle of children. I’m a stay at home mom, a glass artist, a firefighter, and EMT, and a proud parent of an autistic son.

All of my work is handmade in my in studio, in my “free time” hahaha. 🙂

I have always had a fascination with glass, thank you to my dear grandmother, who is a gifted stained glass artist. Thanks, GG! When I was a tiny little girl, My GG would allow me to mess around with her glass and her tools, and show me all of the wonderous and fascinating things about glass. She pointed out beautiful things that other people would never notice, always. A flower in her garden, a funky antique china cup, an old jar.

**My GG passed away on January 8th, 2007. I am going to miss her so dearly, and I’ll always be so grateful to her for changing my life, and for making me notice beautiful and unusual things. I
wouldn’t be me, if it weren’t for her. I dedicate all of my art to my beautiful May. *kiss*

I hope you adore the things I make.


Visit Karen at  and her blog! at

As I always say folks.. if you haven’t been to Etsy.. you have to come. 

Fresh Artists, great prices..

Many Blessings and thanks for reading yet again~




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Ridgley
    Nov 29, 2007 @ 10:33:46

    What an adorable pendant! I love the old fashioned bicycle.


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