Stress FREE Christmas!

More and more now as technology overwhelms me and I throughout my dreams I hear the phone ringing instead of the wind blowing I just want to SCREAM when someone mentions Christmas. I wanna be stressfree. I wanna sing christmas carols and hug my children close by and giggle merrily like I did when I was a child.

As I push through the christmas blues and stress this year I find myself happily easing into a stress free life. It’s called Etsy everyone! I can click away.. ordering happily online from other people that care about their things. Product is handmade with love and humor and eases my pain of STRESS.

I found the stress RELIEVER!! Wanna See?

From Black Rose in London~ The Dammit Doll!!


From Black Rose.. A description…. 

“Here is another version of the popular stress reliever doll, using my own pattern

Not sure what to get as a present for a friend, family member or work colleague – well here we are!

Dammit Doll is made from a 100% cotton fabric – which I’ve handstitched and stuffed throughout with supersoft polyester fibre filling. His/Her hair is made of merino wool. Buttons have been used for the eyes and mouth.

Dammit Doll is further embellished with a red satin heart upon which sits a striped tabby cat (button)

Dammit Doll measures 10.5″ (27cm) in length

find the Dammit Doll right here…


How about that for some stress relief??

Of course if you’d rather go the more gentle stress relief.. especially for the men in your life that are trying to run everyone over in traffic..How about the..

“Lets Hear It For The Boys Lavender Herb Sleep Pillow”


from Black Rose 

“For centuries, people have stuffed their mattresses, pillows and sachets with natural herbs and flowers,to give the area they sleep in a lovely aromatic smell, ward of illness and evil spirits and also to help them relax and fall asleep. The most popular herbal sleep pillow is a lavender herbal pillow.

Lavender balances the emotions, reduces stress, tension and conflicts. It lifts the spirits and yet relaxes both the mind and the body.

Here is one for the boy or man in your life (or indeed, yourself). 100% cotton fabric handstitched and decorated with 2 small buttons and then filled with a generous amount of dried lavender herb infused with lavender essential oil.”

Find the pillow here..

Ladies and Gents, Whatever you end up doing for your holiday season, try to remember to be kind to one another. Many people allow stress to overcome them this time of year. Let’s try and keep things simple yet beautiful. Let’s support your local artists and try to be as many homemade goods as possible.

I know as a artist/jewelry maker/crafter myself that I am honored each and everytime someone buys from me and I put my whole heart into making sure you are happy. Do the big guys with the huge shopping carts do that? no.. not anymore.

Buy Handmade, Buy Etsy



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