A proud Cherokee Woman.. A note about the artist called “Vintagemom”

A proud Cherokee Woman. Yes, I am.


 I didn’t know what I “was” most of my life. If you look at my father you would say.. Well of course they are indians.. just look at him. High cheek bones, jet black hair, steely grey green eyes, He was the epitimy of Native American male. Little did I know when I began my genealogy research that I would find that my family lines go flying all over the place even from my mother’s side!

 My genealogy and my research have taught me many many things. Details about my family of course, but, more than that.. My genealogy has taught me about myself. 

I’ve learned more than anything that to be just “yourself” and to hang on to your standards makes  just a “person” a really good person. I believe in creating things that are meant to live on after I go.

I create. That’s me. A cherokee woman that creates and yet, not in the traditional way. I’ve yet learned to peyote stitch with ease or make the old tools in the natural way. ( I’m learning that.. but it takes time) What I do is create jewelry. I see beauty in the beads. I’m an adorner of sorts. It’s my job to create something beautiful to hang upon your body. I want it to last. I want your granddaughter to be able to wear the beautiful bracelet that grandma bought on Etsy from a cherokee woman at http://vintagemomcreations.etsy.com . That’s my goal right now. I suppose it’s my way of being remembered. Of not being forgotten as many of my ancesters were before I came along and shook out history.

I hope you’ll help me… be remembered that is.

Thank you for learning a little about me.. and listening to my story.

Wado ( a cherokee thank you)

Renita a.k.a. Vintagemom a.k.a. “Denver’s Girl ( My cherokee name)


Pictured above is my son Travis aka Walking Crane during our April 2007 Tribe Meeting.


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