Featured fun for the day… StaceyRebecca Etsy Shop

I’ll tell you.. With all the problems with the lead paint and imports, I have found myself looking around alot more.

Thank God for that! Because I am finding Amazing creations right at my own back door!!!

Today let me introduce to you.. ( if you haven’t already found this shop) http://staceyrebecca.etsy.com This shop has character, humor and GREAT items for the Holiday Season!!

Take a look at Sophia the Baby Monster (~Hand Puppet~)



Here’s part of the ad in the shop..

“Awee, the sweet smell of babies.

That sweet smell is a combination of diaper wipes and baby powder. Mmmmm sweet baby-stink.

This baby is no stranger to the sweet smell of being a neub. Yes, I said neub. Deal. yes, I said deal. Deal.

Look at those sweet little baby-horns and that cute little pink bow.

She’s actually a big baby for being such a fresh one without legs. She’s 16″ tall and roughly 9” wide. She was born with 3 fingers per hand. Her fur is a long pile curly red ball of wonder and fluff, its been trimmed away around her fingers and her face. She is, a lady after all. No beards for this little girl.

She likes bread

~ I love the freshness this shop excludes!! And another from StacyRebecca…


 From the ad…. Little Pepe Fleece for Eyes…

“Good people of Etsy, I have the great honor and privilage to introduce to you; Little Pepe Fleece-For-Eyes. He’s a crafty monster that has lots of tricks up his sleeve–or fur. Yes, lots of tricks up his red and orange and pink varigated fur, which is all soft and cuddly. It makes you want to smear it all over your face. Don’t worry. I didn’t do any face-smearing. I just want to.

Hey, ya know what? Pepe is excited! He just made it onto the cover of the very first pretend, Craft: Magazine! He’s bringing his craft-mastery to the pretend public! And believe me, that pretend public needs to learn how to properly wield a pretend glue gun!”

I swear!! Adorable huh?? Please.. let’s keep shops like this open and prospering! Shop Handmade 🙂

You can find StaceyRebecca at the shop link above and also on blogspot at.. http://puppetpie.blogspot.com


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