Craft Show.. and Sanjaya Malakar

Well, Lot’s of news around here… I think I am about to do my first craft show in wonderful downtown Circleville! It will be held September 8th at the intersections of Court and Main Street ( right smack dab in the middle) NOW,
You may wonder why in the heck I mentioned Sanjaya Malakar , King Kid of American Idol Season 6. WELL, He kissed my daughter. Yep, That’s right ,kissed my kid right on the cheek. ( Alright.. I have to stop here.. Sarah is having heart failure because she thinks that possibly Sanjaya is going to read this.. and he’ll think I am mad.. Like I am going to go and “stab him in the eye” is what Sarah said actually! NO Sanjaya I’m not mad, You actually made my daughter’s day. Thank you. ** Sarah’s says LIFETIME>> Oh lord.. I’m done with this. )
Anyway, My baby went to the American Idol concert and had a wonderful time and it ended with a photo and a smooch on the cheek. Wonderful great, Sarah will not leave my side till I am done with this.. so … I’m done! More in the morning~


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  1. Joy
    Aug 18, 2007 @ 05:28:00

    Bwahahahahah…..I Should totally send the link to this to his website!! But, I’m not that evil….today. 😀


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