Well that worked GREAT!!!

That last post was a success. So more about us!
I’ll do a quickie lowdown on all of us. I of course am the author of all this! I have my shop and I truly, truly love what I am doing. I have had vintagemomcreations for about a month and a half.. and as of today I have had 37 orders.. and one international sale ( that made me smile from ear to ear!!!)
My husband’s name is Adrian and he is my everything.. we are truly happy.. Friends to the end so to speak. We are a partnership that grows and grows and I am unbelieveable amazed that God sent me this man. ( alright.. enough gooshing right? )
Then I have my son Travis, he’s a student at Ohio University and vocalist for a band.. He’s really really cool! A wonderful son. I couldn’t ask for better.
Sarah is 12 and entering Junior High School this year.. she just made the volleyball team and SHE IS PUMPED!!! She is just like me.. My “mini me” so to speak. She is an extremely talented artist.. and can draw.. boy can this girl draw. I look forward to her future!!!
And then.. there is Isabel. The baby. She is totally and completely amazing to me. ( and everyone around her. ) She has the MOST wonderful personality.. and is right on track to be the next Motivational Speaker. Isabel can bring you up no matter how down you are. Isabel has Down’s Syndrome.. and by gosh.. she did not get the “memo” so to speak on how she was supposed to act! She no longer drinks from a bottle ( she quit at a year) she is cruising and getting braver by the day.. I expect she will walk VERY soon.
So.. there you go.. my little family..
I’ll add some photos too!


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